Yamm Software provides software development and consulting services in Canada, U.S.A. and Europe. Our headquarters are located near Montreal, Canada.

Our services and expertise include mobile solutions, custom design, iOS & Android development, quality assurance,software architecture consulting, as well as Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices.

Yamm Software was founded in 2011. Smartphones had just outsold PCs worldwide (late 2010). It was clear at that time that mobile technology was the future, and soon it would be a growth engine for businesses. Yamm Software has since helped many businesses shape the future of mobile and innovate.

695 Avenue Saint-Joseph Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2S 5K3
2-5 employés
Taux horaire minimum : 80 $/heure

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  • Consultation & Gestion de projet Web
  • Consultation TI
  • Développement d'application - Desktop
  • Développement d'application - Mobile
  • Développement d'application - Web

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 Création/modification de site web
 Services T.I.




Web Design

  •  Création/modification de site web
  •  Less than $10,000
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Résumé du projet:

Creation of a WorldPress Web site. Final delivery was delayed from March to October, we lost a lot of sales during this period.




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  • Please describe your company and your position there

  • Artist Jeweler and Urban Wood Worker. One of the Best Handmade Wood Rings in Canada.
  • Describe the project in detail

  • Creation of a WorldPress Web site. Final delivery was delayed from March to October, we lost a lot of sales during this period.
  • Who did you work with and what were their role within the company

  • Patrick Michel, Web Designer Sophie Masse, Marketing
  • Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate some progress or success?

  • Final Web Site delivery wasfirstly promited in January 2019 than March than deleayed to October. There is no specific reason why the delay occured so long. We lost a lot of sales during this period average of 2500$ per month revenue. We also subscribed to a photograph service from Reboot Strategy which was not abvailable during 2-3 months this summer, we had to find a plan B.
  • Are there any areas for improvement?

  • Customer Service, Respect of Engagement and time, Need a better follow up when situation has negative results.
  • How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs

  • Very complicated communication with Patrick, our project was delayed with no commitment to resolve the situation. I had to do a complaint to B2B Quote with Xavier in order to get help and finish the creation of the web site.


Artist Jeweler and Urban Wood Worker

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