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  • Gestions des médias sociaux
  • Rédaction de billets blogue, infolettres, publications, communiqués de presse
  • Mise en place de stratégie de communications et marketing en ligne
  • Accompagnements et consultation pour vous apprendre à mettre en place une stratégie ou gérer votre réseau
  • Ads Facebook
  • Marketing de croissance, campagnes LinkedIn, campagnes de courriels
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  • Automatisation du marketing
  • Campagne SEO
  • Campagne SMM
  • Consultation & Gestion de projet Web
  • Consultation Communication/Marketing
  • Consultation Développement des affaires
  • Correction de contenu
  • Création de contenu
  • Événementiel
  • Hébergement
  • Site Internet - Autre/custom technologie




Web Design

  •  Création/modification de site web
  •  Less than $10,000
  •  0000-00-00 00:00:00

Résumé du projet:

Creation of a WorldPress Web site. Final delivery was delayed from March to October, we lost a lot of sales during this period.




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  • Please describe your company and your position there

  • Artist Jeweler and Urban Wood Worker. One of the Best Handmade Wood Rings in Canada.
  • Describe the project in detail

  • Creation of a WorldPress Web site. Final delivery was delayed from March to October, we lost a lot of sales during this period.
  • Who did you work with and what were their role within the company

  • Patrick Michel, Web Designer Sophie Masse, Marketing
  • Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate some progress or success?

  • Final Web Site delivery wasfirstly promited in January 2019 than March than deleayed to October. There is no specific reason why the delay occured so long. We lost a lot of sales during this period average of 2500$ per month revenue. We also subscribed to a photograph service from Reboot Strategy which was not abvailable during 2-3 months this summer, we had to find a plan B.
  • Are there any areas for improvement?

  • Customer Service, Respect of Engagement and time, Need a better follow up when situation has negative results.
  • How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs

  • Very complicated communication with Patrick, our project was delayed with no commitment to resolve the situation. I had to do a complaint to B2B Quote with Xavier in order to get help and finish the creation of the web site.


Artist Jeweler and Urban Wood Worker

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  •  Montreal
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