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What is Google Ads (Google AdWords)? How Does it Work?

What is Google Ads (Google AdWords)? How Does it Work?

When starting out a new business, or dipping your toes in the waters of marketing, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to come up with strategies for getting your company off the ground. Luckily, there are plenty of tools available to make the process a little bit easier. Google Ads (Adwords) is one of those user-friendly options which can help you get your goods and services out there!

What is Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)?

But what is Google Ads (Google AdWords), and how does it work exactly? Certain marketing tools may be difficult to understand initially, but some will immediately offer beneficial results. So, if you’re curious about how to give your business some visibility, read on to find out!

Search engine advertising

Google Ads (Google Adwords) words is a paid referencing system developed by Google in which you, as a business owner, can market products or services by way of the Google Search engine. In a nutshell, AdWords works by a placed text ad that is designed specifically to appear when people search for keywords or phrases related to your business or your offered services. Essentially, you choose some keywords that you feel a person may search for on Google. Then, create an advert that will appear on the SERP, based on those terms.

Betting system

AdWords will rank your ad on search engine pages once you have bided on, won and paid for these keywords. When specific keywords are searched, your ad shows up as a sponsored link on the first page of Google.

Appearing on the first SERP

Where your ads places is determined by the “pay per click” system. The “pay per click” system essentially means that you can decide where your ad appears by bidding for specific words or phrases. Further, the amount that you pay is based on how many clicks your ad generates. The ads themselves appear in Google as a short text ad, which include a metadescription, or the short lines that appear just below websites in search engines, as well as your URL.

Since advertisers, or you, must pay for these clicks, Google makes money from each search. Experts suggest that most users do not scan past the first page of search results and therefore, look to the ads or search results which appear first.

How does Google Ads (Google AdWords) work?


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Paid vs. organic SEO

As research has shown, it is apparent that there are different approaches between visitors who are simply browsing the internet and coming across your website organically versus those who find it by way of Google Ads. When an individual is browsing the internet, and is choosing to click on an ad, it is likely because they need the product or service that this ad is advertising. Traffic that ends up on your website organically often happens because the user is looking for information, rather than a specific service.

Therefore, having specifically targeted ads on Google will offer you a specifically targeted audience. Instead of waiting for your site to work organically, you can use this paid search method. Google Ads looks at how relevant your ad is to users, as well as their relevance to the search terms. Google also looks at how many clicks your ad has received, or the click-through rate (CTR), also considering the relevance of your landing page.

Of course, depending on the competitiveness of the keywords that your business is biding on, as well as the relevancy of the keyword, Google Ads may or may not work for your business, so choosing the correct keywords is very important to the effectiveness of the platform. Google Ads management may be necessary for your company, as this will help in driving relevantly targeted traffic to your website.

Controlling how much money you spend on Google Ads (Google AdWords)

AdWords management can help you to bid lower amounts for your desired phrases while still having your ads appear in the Google search result. This is because Google factors in bids as well as how many people click each ad, giving preference to ads which are more effective. Therefore, if an ad is more relevant to a specific keyword, it is more likely to gain a website visitor and a potential future customer.

Is Google Ads (AdWords) effective?

The short answer is yes, Google Ads works effectively. Often, businesses are unsure about how to drive relevant traffic in their direction. With the help of AdWords, this issue is eliminated. Also, research has shown that most consumers do not even realize that they are clicking on an ad at all, and as we stated, most people entering search queries will ignore publications that appear further down a Google page, even if they are more relevant to their needs. It would be worthwhile for your business to give Adwords a try, so if you're ready and willing then go for it!

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