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Nowadays, having a website is an essential part of any strategy aiming to present a company and promote its services. However, in order to be able to use this as a promotional tool, you must always keep in mind the precise objectives for which you are taking this approach, and let yourself be guided by the rules that will help you reach these goals.

Why create a website for yourself or your company?

A good website is clearly one of the best ways to increase your market visibility and to build brand awareness, making your company known by as many people as possible. Since there is little hope of seeing your company thrive when staying in the shadow of its competitors, you should focus on improving your visibility by creating a website.

Secondly, a website will help you showcase the knowledge that you possess and present your level of competence within your field of expertise. Therefore, potential clients will be more open to doing business with you.

Since a website is constantly available and doesn’t take any days off, it allows you to answer your customer’s questions without having to actually intervene. Your customer service will reach new levels and your clients will not have to wait to find an answer to their inquiries.

Owning a website also means having access to data that will help you identify your customer base. A tool like Google Analytics will give you precious information about their age, their purchasing behaviour or the information they are looking for. Don’t forget that in order to increase your sales revenue by answering the needs of your clients, you have to be able to target them precisely.

Of course, your website allows you to present your company and your products or services. In addition, it offers the opportunity to tell your clients about any news of changes happening in your company as well as any successes you may want to share.

Building your own website: is this within your capacity?

Building a website implies thinking about the content, the aesthetic appearance and the ease of navigation. Moreover, other aspects such as knowledge about organic referencing and social media will be essential so that the website earns good results on search engines. If you don’t feel up to the task, it may be best to hire a professional who will take care of it for you. The benefits of this investment will definitely be worthwhile in the long run.

How will this specialist ensure the success of your website?

A specialist will create a high-quality website by applying knowledge that is related to three strategies: organic referencing, paid referencing and presence on social media.

Organic referencing

Organic referencing is defined as a set of different techniques aimed at optimising a website so that it will appear amongst the first results during a query on a search engine. These techniques notably comprise the presence of high-quality content and certain keywords within the articles or links towards your site. The latter consist in various criteria which are used by the search engine algorithms to evaluate the quality of your website and to position it within the search results.

Social media presence

Anyone that wants to stand out needs to create a presence on social media and specialists will confirm this fact. By knowing about the specific characteristics of different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, they will be able to establish a strategy to ensure maximum visibility for your website.  

Paid referencing

As the name implies, paid referencing means that you are paying to appear in the top search results. Although this technique offers instant results, it will only last as long as you invest money. Therefore, this strategy works best for short term visibility and as such, is not sufficient in itself.

How much should you expect to pay for a website?

Since the amount of money you should expect to pay for a website is an important matter, note that prices will start at $1000 and could potentially run up to tens of thousands of dollars. This price will vary according to a large number of variables which we will soon talk about in an article. 

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