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Are you looking for web consultation services? B2BQuotes.com is there to help you find specialists that offer this type of service. Fill out the form hereabove and make sure to properly describe your needs so that we can refer you to the best people that will be able to fulfill your expectations.

Why should you hire a web consultant?

In order to exist, all companies must develop their presence on the internet. Creating a website, setting up accounts on social networks and other forms of online marketing are all a part of this strategy. However, particularly in the case of SMEs, companies don’t always have the resources to hire a full-time web specialist. It then becomes very practical to hire an external web consultant.

Big companies can also hire a consultant or even a team of consultants to make changes in the way that they manage their online presence.

Web consultation is a field that is very broad and is in high demand right now. A growing number of companies or freelancers occupy this type of role. In order to find the ideal consultant with whom you should collaborate, it is recommended that you meet more than one. You will then be able to discuss your needs, evaluate your first impression about the person or the team and compare the service proposal presented by each one of them.

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What is the role of a web consultant?

Here is the type of situation for which a company could hire a web consultant:  

In the case of a website that already exists:

- To do website audits and security audits;

- To improve a website that already exists with regards to its safety (following the audit);

- To improve the performance concerning the speed;

- To optimize the site’s visual aspect;

- To improve the conversion rate.

For a website that is being built:

- To determine which type of technology will be best for the website’s structure;

- To evaluate the company’s needs;

- To establish the ideal structure for the website;

- To choose the best web hosting option.

According to their fields of expertise, web consultants can also offer services with respect to:

- Social media;

- Accompanying an IT team;

- Programming;

- Networking;

- Virtualization technologies;

- New technologies;

- Training programs;

- E-commerce website;

- ERP and CRMs;

- SEO;

- Etc.

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What are the qualifications of a web consultant?

You are probably wondering in what way a web consultant is qualified to give you advice? Anyone can present themselves as a web consultant. There is no specific diploma that allows someone to occupy this type of job. Therefore, it becomes very important to meet several consultants before choosing who you do business with.

You will then get the chance to evaluate their knowledge and their past experience. Ask them to describe cases on which they have worked and even to do preliminary recommendations about your company based on what they have seen before meeting you.

In many cases, these people gained their experience through their passion about all matters concerning the internet. This field is constantly changing and it is important to stay up-to-date on what works best and what options are currently available.

You will certainly meet people that want to apply their knowledge to benefit companies that don’t have the time nor the tools to establish a web strategy without the help of an expert.


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