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Despite the fact that traditional media is changing, and some would say suffering, from current changes in the way that people consume their information, they can still be very useful for the marketing and publicity of a company. Having a website and using social media to promote a company are both great ways to reach a large audience and to find potential clients, and if used properly, they can work well enough so that no other methods are needed. However, some audiences cannot be reached this way, and if your target market is made up of these categories of people, you will need to consider using traditional media for your publicity campaigns.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other big social networking companies are considered the new media whereas TV, radio and newspapers are said to be traditional. As investors and companies prioritize their money and time with the new media companies, the former are left to contend with smaller budgets. This may be perceived as negative and in many ways, it is, but it can also work in your favour.

Print media

One interesting example of innovative advertising in traditional media is with newspapers. Always eager to present interesting content to their readers, newspapers and media companies are now looking to find ways to fill their publications without spending a dime. Whilst they are still open to selling publicity in its more traditional forms, the newspaper companies also offer other marketing services such as promotional reports, which look like articles but are actually advertisements.

This type of advertising could be very useful for your company, as having a promotional report published on paper can contribute to the brand's credibility. It is often quite easy to sign deals with the newspapers, in which you may be asked to provide the content which they will publish. In other cases, a content creation service will be offered by them.


According to several reports and studies, including one prepared by the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms, television is still very influential and is a popular source of information for Canadians. Advertisements that run in specific time slots will reach a wide audience.

Getting airplay during primetime hours is coveted by many, but can be quite expensive. That is why some will prefer to aim for specific types of shows, to address more specific categories of people (e.g.: retirees, adult women, children, etc.).


The world of radio is still thriving, with listenership remaining high in the past few years. In peak hours, ads running during the shows can be very effective, increasing your company's visibility and contributing to its' identity through the use of slogans, jingles and messages. Bigger radio stations sometimes have in-house advertisement creation services, where you send the type of content or the script you desire and they make the ad for you, with sound effects and hired voice actors.

Why traditional media should still be used for advertising

Many people still distrust new media companies such as Facebook, and with increased concerns about fake news and misleading advertisement, traditional media is still very powerful.

Don't neglect one form of media for the other, the idea is to find a balance and to calculate how much money you should and are willing to spend on each one. Sometimes, a campaign on traditional media can be much more effective than one on new media. It has been statistically proven that young people (18-34) do not consume traditional media, but older generations still do and they have money and time to spend. Therefore, we must figure out which audience we want to address and organize the marketing strategy accordingly.

How to advertise on traditional media

It can be easy to feel lost when starting a traditional media strategy, just as it is with social media. Not knowing what you are doing can lead you to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars, with very little to show for it in the end. That is why it is important to rely on the expertise of advertising specialists, including companies that dabble in both traditional and new media. The expert with whom you work will advise you on the best course of action, adapting to your needs and your budget. They will also keep track of current trends in media, veering you towards the most innovative and/or effective forms of marketing in this field.


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