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Nowadays, most companies use several electronic tools on a regular basis: computers, phones, printers, routers, hard drives, etc.

In an ideal world, these tools would always run smoothly and operate in the best conditions. Unfortunately, these tools and systems are not infallible and eventually, it becomes necessary to call upon technical services to repair, update or replace them. These tools also need to be installed and equipped with software. Lastly, it is important to choose software that is useful and relevant for the company, and to set it up in a way that is fully optimized.

For certain companies, it can be apropos to have an in-house technical support department. However, a large majority of companies do not need to have full-time employees for this type of task. In these situations, external IT services are recommended.

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A list of services offered by technical support teams (IT)

Several companies offer these types of services, which cover a wide variety of fields. Here are a few examples of services provided by IT companies:

- System surveillance

- Software installation

- Equipment installation

- Support service

- Maintenance

- Network evaluation

- Computer system evaluation

- Annual reports

- Special projects

- System optimization

- Web network optimization

- Wiring, fibre optic, VPN

- Internet connections (switch)

- Servers

- IP telephone system (internet phone system)

- Network security and protection (firewall)

- Extranet and other internal networks

- Email systems

- Office software

- Programming

- Website hosting

- Virtualisation systems

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Why hire IT services instead of doing it in-house?

Some people may wonder if it would be relevant to hire a person or even a team within the company. This option can be interesting for big companies but for SMEs, especially those that work in a field that has nothing to do with computing, it is not financially attractive to do so.

Moreover, to hire an IT specialist, one must have a few notions about the tasks that this person will be taking on, in order to perform some sort of control. The company will also have to evaluate whether there will be enough work for a team or even a single full-time employee. Paying a full-time salary is very expensive, especially when the company’s needs do not represent a work load of this scale.

Therefore, in some situations, it is best to hire external technical services. In general, this option is more affordable and more flexible.

How to know whether you’re getting good IT services

Do you have limited knowledge about computers and electronics? In that case, it can be difficult to know if the people you have hired for IT services are working in your best interest. However, there are several signs to watch for to recognize a good company.

First, if the people with whom you are doing business take the time to explain concepts and to go over things before making decisions, this can be seen as a very good sign. This part of the process is very important, especially in the beginning. It represents the key to a good collaboration.

Next, you can ask for referrals and do research about the company. On the Internet, it is easy to find comments about other customers’ experiences.

Lastly, the team’s availability is another factor to look out for. The more the team is able to respond quickly, the more your needs will be fulfilled. It is important that when a problem comes up, they are able to act as quickly as possible.

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