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What is the role of social networks to increase your company’s visibility?

Are you still hesitating about opening social media accounts for your company? Nowadays, it is practically a given if you want to ensure your brand’s presence on the Internet. These networks, which are available to anyone, are used to share news, information, ads, contests and any other way to attract potential clients and increase your visibility.

They can also help you with your customer service, making you more readily available and easier to join. The person that takes care of your social media accounts will receive questions and comments from people visiting your accounts and will be able to answer them quickly, without a middleman.

Which socials networks work best to attract people on your company website?

The main social network platforms that are used by groups, companies or any individual looking to promote their content are:

- Facebook


- Youtube

- LinkedIn

- Instagram

- Snapchat

- Pinterest

To determine which social network you should use, know that it depends on your target audience. With nearly 2 billion users, Facebook is often considered to be the top choice. There are ways to use its functions efficiently to gain visibility.

For the rest, you can choose according to your needs and according to the type of message you want to share. Are you aiming for a younger audience? Make sure that you are present on Instagram and Snapchat. Are you sending messages that are short and informative? Twitter will suit your needs.

Is it worth it to hire a community manager?

A community manager can be very useful, even essential, if your social media accounts are very busy and require for someone to take care of them several hours per week.

If you only have 300 likes on Facebook, it is not necessarily recommended to seek this type of service. However, if the numbers reach over 3000 people, you can start to consider delegating the work to someone who will establish a concrete strategy and will ensure that the interactions happening on these pages will run smoothly.

What type of strategy should you use on social networks?

Once again, this question cannot find a precise answer without having determined what is the goal you are looking to reach and who is a part of your target audience.

You will have to determine which days are better for sharing your posts, what type of content obtains more responses from the people that are following you, how much you will need to spend to make the publications more visible and several other aspects that will affect the impact that social networks will have on your company.

Standing out from the competition

If your competitors are already present on social networks, it is in your best interest to do so as well. Don’t let them occupy the whole space! By having these accounts, they are increasing their chances of appearing higher in search engine results. You must also take advantage of this!

Gaining a better knowledge of your customer base/target audience

This presence on social media is beneficial, not only to have true interactions with people, but also to gather information about them. You will have access to a real gold mine of information telling you more about their age, their place of residence, their economic profile and their Internet usage habits.

Working with social network specialists

To better understand your needs in terms of social media, hire people that are knowledgeable about this subject. They will teach you about how to use these platforms, guide you towards the best way to use them and, if you wish, take up the task of community manager. 

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