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These days, it is impossible to tackle a web strategy without thinking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Do you have a website? If so, its main goal is certainly to attract visitors, to increase your company’s visibility and/or to make sales. In order to be noticed by the main search engines, you have to set up certain practices that will feed their algorithms and allow them to understand what type of content is presented on your website.

What is SEO? What is its purpose?

This acronym is often used by web marketing specialists. Websites that apply these practices are more likely to be put forward by the search engines and to appear within the top search results on portals such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. This is also referred to as organic referencing, which serves to improve the website’s impact, without having to pay the search engines to appear first (paid indexing like Adwords).

A website that is not optimized will have a harder time getting noticed and therefore, receiving visitors. These optimization methods can be used on the website and off-site. SEO is both complex and accessible to all, in the sense that specialists can apply the techniques for any type of website.

Why establish a web strategy for your website?

It goes without saying that the main goal of a website is to get its message across and to receive a lot of visitors. Of course, it would be great if these two things happened naturally but as things are right now, such is not the case. The Internet contains millions, if not billions of websites and as a result, search engines that work to guide visitors need cues and markers to know how to classify these sites and to prioritize the relevant content according to the keywords that are written in the search bar by users.

For this reason, it is very important to establish a web strategy. Without it, your website will have trouble standing out and securing an enviable position within the search results.

What are the best practices that should be used for an SEO strategy?

Google, Bing and Yahoo have algorithms that take into account hundreds of factors to analyse the content of a website. Since their “recipe” is not made public, there are several techniques and even schools of thought about what should be put forward in order to have optimized content. However, experts agree on certain practices, of which these are the main aspects:

Ranking the content with the use of headings

Headings are used to tell the search engines which subjects are addressed on each page. These headings come with a tag that indicates the level of importance of this specific piece of text with regards to the subject of the page. The tags are classified in order, from h1 to h6, with h1 being the main title of the page. For titles that strongly refer to the subject, h2 and h3 tags should be used.

Using photos

Beyond the aesthetical aspect that they bring to the website, images also play a role in the SEO. One of the main aspects that the search engines consider is the amount of time that people spend on a website. Since it has been proven that pages with photos attract more people and that they spend more time on the site, this simple technique must be a part of your strategy.

In addition, people can also find your website through the image search. To do so, the photos must be properly tagged and should have a replacement text that describes the content of the photo.

Do not forget to use high-quality images for which you have the rights of use.


Each page should be assigned a keyword and a semantic field revolving around said keyword, so that the subject of the page is very clear.

Some people claim that the keyword should be placed in the first paragraph of the text, whereas others suggest that it be placed in a strategic manner, whether it be in the headings or as an anchor text (hyperlink).

The website’s content quality

If the message is interesting and well-written, people will spend more time on it and will want to click on more pages. This aspect is very important and search tools take it into account.

The price of an SEO strategy for your website

How much should you pay for an SEO strategy? First, it should be noted that the prices will vary depending on the services and the techniques that are used.

Oftentimes, agencies will recommend adding a blog section where articles will be published to attract visitors through other keywords than the name of your company. In this case, we estimate that prices can vary between $5 and $300 per article. 

For other tasks associated with SEO optimization, amounts can vary depending on the number of pages, the quantity of work to do and a large number of factors. Contact an agency that is specialized in SEO to get a better idea of the budget you will need to dedicate to this project.

How to find SEO experts can help you find the SEO specialist that will be able to optimize your website. Fill out the form or contact us at 1 844 410-1112 to be connected with certified service providers that are a part of our network.

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