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Even though we live in a world that is digitally-inclined, paper still plays an important role in advertising and corporate communications. Moreover, several high-tech companies agree to say that it is impossible to make a complete switch to digital tools. Therefore, printing services are very useful.   

Here are a few examples of products and services offered by printing companies:

  • Business cards
  • Cards
  • Invitations
  • Plans
  • Poster and signs
  • Letter paper and letterhead paper
  • Calendars
  • Envelopes
  • Photocopies
  • Digitalisation
  • Books
  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Advertisements (flyers)
  • Magazines
  • Photos
  • Personalized objects (pens, notebooks, mugs, magnets, etc.)
  • Labels (for boxes, bottles or other)
  • Packaging

In what situations is printing useful?

All the services named hereabove can be useful for companies. Of course, in many cases, communications are done by computer but there are situations where paper is irreplaceable. For example, when we meet new clients in person, when we take part in a trade show, when we go door-to-door, etc.

There are also questions pertaining to the target-market. Unsurprisingly, when your customer base is older, you will reach them more easily if you use “traditional” techniques. However, when your clientele is younger, digital options are more recommended.

Lastly, we must remember that even though humans evolve, there are aspects that never change. We are tactile beings, in addition to being visual. Paper manages to bridge both of these senses. In doing so, it can sometimes surpass something coming from the virtual world.

Are business cards still useful?

In this day and age, social networks such as LinkedIn seem to have replaced paper business cards. Despite that, it is inexact to say that they are completely outdated. In the past, business cards were used to give your contact information to a person that you met.

These days, it is very easy to contact someone on LinkedIn to make a connection. However, sharing a business card will work to amplify this contact. If you have a card that stands out from the rest and contributes to your brand image, the gesture of handing said card will be important. You can stand out from the competition by giving off a good first impression.

Why use printing services instead of doing it yourself?

Need to print out ten leaflets? If you have access to a printer and are not looking for top-quality results, go ahead and do it yourself. On the other hand, when printing 200 of these leaflets, it becomes more interesting to use the services of a printing company, as you will save time and most of all, money.

These companies also have tools and machines that are made to produce formats and print on medium that regular printers cannot accommodate. They are also able to reach a quality level that you will have a hard time matching at your own office. To stay in business, they have to use and own state-of-the art equipment, which means that they can produce high-quality images and designs.

Finally, these companies work very quickly and generally deliver the product in a few hours or days. In little time, you will receive your order and use it according to your needs.

Can printing be eco-friendly?

We all have the idea that printing represents waste, as it is a lot less necessary than it used to be. Companies specialized in printing have figured this out and are now taking special measures to reduce their environmental impact. For example, many of them use renewable resources and recycled products (ink and paper).

It’s hard to change this fact: everything we do uses energy. The computers that replace paper also have a strong environmental footprint. The idea consists in trying to avoid printing in large quantities when not necessary.  

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