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Are you looking for a company that is specialized in picture and video creation?

We can help you find specialists to cater to all of your audiovisual needs. From corporate videos to photoshoots and advertising, simply let us know about your needs so that we can refer the right people to you.

Why do a corporate video?

There was a time when corporate videos were very popular. They allowed companies to present the services that they offered and to share their business philosophy, in addition to being used for internal communications.

Are corporate videos still relevant in the current era? Since technologies have evolved immensely in the past few years, there are many medias through which companies can express themselves, both to communicate with employees and with the public. However, the video format remains interesting in that it allows you to share a message in a way that is concise and appealing. It is possible to make short videos, to be shared on social media and on websites. These will then be presented to a wide audience, which will be much broader than anyone could have imagined years ago. The corporate video can then serve both for instruction purposes and as advertisement for the company.  

Why should you hire a professional photographer?

Nowadays, everyone has a camera and can call themselves a photographer. However, even with the best camera in the world, not everyone is able to master the functions of the device, nor do they have a trained eye to take good pictures. A professional photographer knows how to capture spontaneous moments or how to create posed portraits where the subjects are depicted under their best light.

For unforgettable moments such as weddings, baptisms, celebrations or special events, a professional photographer is one of the people with whom you should collaborate. Once you have received the pictures, you will be glad that you entrusted this task to an artist.

Why is it recommended to add pictures to a website?

Does your current website have few pictures on it? If you are looking to attract more people and to have a better SEO, you should add more. Images help to make the site look better and to ensure that people spend more time on the website. They illustrate the content that is being presented in the text whilst also making the layout more dynamic.  

With regards to the SEO of the site, images help to specify what type of content is found on the pages, which search engine crawlers such as Googlebots can use to identify the subject. However, just be sure to remember to use alt tags to indicate what type of content the images are depicting, as this technique will not work otherwise.

How to find a good photographer or videographer for an event?

So you’ve decided to hire a photographer or a videographer for your next event? Don’t sign a contract with the first one you find. It is important to find a person that will understand your needs and with whom you will feel that communications are coming through very well. Start by holding a first meeting and asking to see their portfolio. You will then be able to see if their style lives up to your expectations and if you think that they will be able to produce images that you like. If necessary, meet with several people and ask each one for a quote. In doing so, you will be able to compare prices and services, as well as determining the person with whom you establish the best personal rapport. 

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