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11 examples of awesome eCommerce website designs

Last modified: 2019/01/07 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

What is the key to success for a business site with an online store? As much as we can say that everything is possible, we still end up seeing many sites that look exactly alike. So, how do you stand out from the crowd while finding an effective design that invites people to shop and become loyal customers?

The best way to start is to look at what is happening elsewhere. There are millions of eCommerce sites and some are particularly good. Without copying what has already been done, we can take inspiration from what we see, adjusting choices according to our target audience and its needs. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of business sites, mostly local businesses, that are doing well and have good sales funnels.

Here are 11 examples of good eCommerce websites

1) Prana

website prana

Prana is a company that sells snacks and organic foods. Even the URL reflects this part of their mission! The company's website has a simple design, with a short homepage containing relatively few items and a top menu bar with only three categories.

On the product sheets, we find all the essential information, as well as customer comments, pretty photos and recipe videos.

There is a blog section filled with relevant articles about nutrition and well-being. There are also many recipes. All told, the entire website presents a coherent theme which is strongly anchored in the brand's image and mission. 


2) Blurb

site web blurb

Blurb is a company that publishes and prints books made by their customers. By visiting the website, visitors can access a software program that they download on their computers. This tool is used to design the book. The process is very simple and accessible. The purpose of the site is to evoke how little effort is required to create good quality books. Starting on the main page of the website, we find clear instructions and examples of books that show the different options available. Again, the design is relatively uncluttered, going straight to the point.

3) Nick Mayer art

site web nick mayer

Nick Mayer is an artist specializing in the creation of fish portraits. His works are highly coveted, hence the fact that he offers derivative products. His eCommerce website allows you to admire his colourful illustrations and make purchases. Faced with the challenge of creating a website that showcases the artist's work, the design is very well done. This website is dynamic without being aggressive, colourful without being blindingly so.

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4) Frank and Oak

site web frank and oak

When you visit the Frank and Oak website, you quickly realize that the design is well-suited for the company's target audience. Based in Montreal, Frank and Oak are known for their simple and elegant designs that can be worn both for work and for outings in the hippest places. Again, we see product sheets that are very clear, containing all the necessary information without the user being bombarded with information.

Another interesting fact is that there is a good example of content marketing on the website, with The Handbook magazine featuring articles designed to appeal to people who buy Frank and Oak products. These articles do not systematically mention the company but they are part of a way of life clearly associated with a certain audience.

5) Caravan Shoppe

caravan shoppe site web

Caravan Shoppe is a company that sells works of art for download and print. The founders of the company are graphic design specialists who create very whimsical prints, appealing to both adults and children. Starting on the home page, the artistic eye of these designers is easy to perceive. Everything is in the right place, and the layout focuses on visual elements, with relatively little text.


6) David's Tea

site web david's tea

Buying tea on the internet is not as fun as doing it in person, in a shop where you can experience all the wonderful smells that come with this product. Therefore, the main challenge for David's Tea is to evoke these aromas. With that in mind, they have opted to put a lot of effort into the choice of colours and descriptions. Nearly 300 products are available in the e-commerce store but the site is very well organized so it's easy to find what we're looking for between the different categories.

7) Plantzy

site web plantzy

Plantzy is a Montreal start-up that sells plants. Its website is sleek but efficient and nice in terms of design. There is a practical blog with tips for taking care of the plants, as well as a wealth of useful information about the different products and services offered by the company.


8) Moma store San Francisco

site web moma sf


SF MOMA is a renowned museum institution located in San Francisco. Many people admire this space and appreciate the exhibits that are presented. On the SF MOMA website, there is a shop that sells objects associated with current exhibits, but also a wide variety of practical and/or aesthetic products.

The target audience for this e-commerce website is therefore composed of design enthusiasts with a very critical eye. We can thus believe that this audience is somewhat difficult to satisfy. The SF MOMA succeeds in this sense by betting on bright colours and a layout of elements that is very well thought-out.


9) Packwire

site web packwire

Here is a good example of a website using the concept of "gamification". It transforms the purchase of the product into a game of sorts, with very structured steps that are easy to follow. The bright colours used on the pages of the Packwire website are very daring but the layout and design work well!


10) Chocolats Favoris

site web chocolats favoris

Chocolats Favoris is a company that has been doing very well for the past several years. Openings of several franchises, new products, omnipresence in local media; this brand is truly making a name for itself! The company's website had to be very well designed because of the fact that their products are sold on the internet. Attractive and clearly rooted in the aesthetics of the brand, the website manages to get visitors feeling hungry! 


11) Cook it

site web cook it

Cook It is a home recipe delivery service. "We always create our menus with you in mind… because each of us is different." is what we read on the website's front page. This is the main message of the site, which highlights recipes and food products. There is also a very nice little video (in French with subtitles) showing how the service works.

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