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What is brand building?

This expression is often heard and read when referring to marketing. It perfectly encapsulates the concept of a strategy which consists in creating a corporate identity (or brand image) that conveys the values and mission of the company by addressing a target audience. Therefore, it is a complex procedure that must be though-out and established from the start and that will strongly affect your decisions in terms of marketing and anything that is connected to your brand’s image and identity, as well as its’ corporate culture.  

More and more often, companies aim to create an experience instead of simply presenting a product. They want to get their public to adhere to a specific lifestyle. They are also looking to reach people that already adopt the practices that are linked to their philosophy. For this reason, and although this practice has existed ever since this form of communication appeared, now more than ever, selling an object or a service is not enough, as the brand needs to play on people’s emotions. Beyond the logo and the graphic design that is associated with the company, you also need to tell a story to seduce and gain an audience.

Developing a company’s brand identity requires careful consideration, often built as a collaboration with a brand building specialist.

Why hire a specialist for your company’s branding?

You of all people are the one that knows the most about your company and you certainly have a specific vision for the type of image that you wish to reflect. However, this lack of objectivity may get in your way when comes the time to think about the company’s design and branding. Teaming up with an experienced specialist for this type of task will give you access to a professional opinion. This person will present a vision that includes ideas that you would probably would never have had. In order to accelerate the process, come prepared for the first meeting, with numbers and statistics about your target audience, as well as notions that are important to you. Do your homework and study the brand identity of companies that you admire. This will help the specialist as they adjust their suggestions accordingly.

5 tips for a good company logo

A logo has to be catchy and efficient. This may seem simple but finding a unique design requires a lot of work. Sometimes, companies change logos several times before they find the one that will obtain recognition.

  • The logo must be relevant to the type of company it represents;
  • In general, a simple design works best;
  • It is important to be original. The logo should be recognizable without the name of the company.
  •  The logo must be made to be placed in different contexts;
  • If there is writing in the logo, the typography has to look good. Many people neglect this aspect even though the letters are a part of the design.

The importance of graphic design on a website

People stay longer and are more satisfied by their customer experience when a website is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. This also helps increase the site’s credibility and in turn, the company’s credibility. The current trend is streamlined designs but this does not mean that you have to have a white website with a few boxes and images.

Unless you master design tools and know how to build a good website, it is best to hire an agency and/or a person that offers these types of services. This recommendation is applicable for SMEs (small or medium-sized enterprises) and for big companies.

The visual aspect is also a major part of a company’s brand identity. Be sure to work alongside photo and video creation specialists to be able to use images that belong to you and that reflect your company’s image. 

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