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Many people are bilingual, even trilingual, and are able to write in all of the languages that they master. Despite that, not everyone can be a translator. In order to properly translate a text, it is important to be able to transmit the same ideas that are being conveyed, whilst adapting the way the content is written with regards to grammar, syntax, expressions and other subtleties that make a language what it is.  

By making a direct translation, we lose certain distinctions and the words can even be twisted and misunderstood. The translation ends up losing its impact and can be counter-productive. Therefore, it is important to hire a professional translator. This person will have access to the tools and knowledge that are necessary to transpose the text from one language to the other, whilst getting across the same message.

Different translation services

Translation services are used in all fields. It can be said that where there is writing, there are needs for translation. From shampoo bottles to web apps, training documents and advertising, translators need to be versatile. Of course, each translator has their own specialties and can feel more confident working on certain subjects.

There are also fields where the translator must absolutely possess certain types of knowledge in order to be precise. Among those that come to mind is the medical field, where using the right words is essential to ensure the quality of the text.

As a person that is looking for translation services, you must make sure that the person you are hiring to do the work will have the necessary skills, especially if you don’t speak the language in which the text will be translated.

Why you should translate your website

So, you already have a website that looks good, is easy to use and is filled with content that is optimized for search engines and social networks? It may be time to consider translating it. By offering your website in several languages, you are expanding your target audience and increasing your chances of answering the needs and questions of people that land on the website.

This is especially important if you wish for your website to grow internationally, or if you have more precise goals that require using another language.

Let’s take an example that is very common in this era: you are a property developer that is looking to attract foreign investors. The project website will have to be described in English, but also possibly in another language. It is common practice to offer a version in Chinese or Arabic, when you are looking for buyers from these parts of the world.

This is just an example but it is very representative of the needs that are filled by translation services. Furthermore, in this era, most companies cultivate their presence on the web and since websites and platforms are available from everywhere in the world, it is possible to increase the number of potential clients exponentially.  

Translation services for individual texts or articles are also available, if this suits your needs.

What are the average prices for a translation?

This question includes too many variables for us to be able to give a clear answer without having a better idea of what type of project is in question. First, if the languages are rare, the price will be higher. You have to pay a lot more money for a translation from French to Japanese than English to Spanish, as there are many more translators that offer the English/Spanish service.

Moreover, prices can vary according to the size and complexity of the text, as well as the desired deadline. If the translator doesn’t have a lot of time to do the work, they will want more money.

It should also be noted that you have the choice to hire a local translator or a translator living in another country, where wages are lower. This last option will allow you to save money on the translation. However, there could be certain drawbacks:

- The person could do an inadequate translation;

- The distance could make communications more complicated between both parties;

- The person could have a tough time understanding certain intricacies relating to local vocabulary and expressions.

If you still decide to opt for a low-priced translation, ask for references and examples of previous work.

How to make sure that the translation is well done

For impeccable work, hire a specialized translation agency. They will be able to offer high quality translations that are completed by experienced translators.

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