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Virtual reality is growing quite rapidly and is gaining momentum in various industry areas. Most people link virtual reality (VR) with video games, and... Read more
If you are still not using accounting software to manage your business, it is probably the next step for you. Accounting software is an indispensable tool,... Read more
What if your new colleagues started their integration BEFORE even stepping in the office? This is... Read more
Great project management means much more than delivering a project on time, within budget and scope. It unites clients and teams, creates a vision... Read more
Whether it's your own project that you want to update or a project from another programmer or another team that you are taking over for maintenance,... Read more
Launching a YouTube channel can seem like a daunting task. But actually, it is simpler than you might think.  You don’t have to be... Read more
This article looks into our pricing strategy series by offering an additional view of this aspect: what is a loss leader? In order to... Read more
Would you hire just anyone to create your brand, logo or design? No? Well, it’s the same for your website. A website functions like a business... Read more
We need to be flexible in the definition of a Cybersecurity Audit, especially when the mandate is for a “Small and Medium-sized Enterprise”... Read more
The Agile approach to project management has fundamental differences with the traditional approaches. Interestingly, it follows such a holistic approach... Read more
A project manager needs to put in a lot of hard work to effectively manage a project and ensure smooth deliveries. Innumerable responsibilities rest on... Read more
At first glance, it may seem like there is nothing very challenging about project management coaching. However, being a project manager requires a significant... Read more

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