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Are you looking for a developer to create a mobile app for your company? Fill out the form above and we will refer you to people and service providers that offer this type of service. You will be put in contact with 3 companies that are interested in presenting a proposal and a quoted price for the web or mobile app project.

Why should I create a mobile app for my company?

Take a look at the app store on your phone and you will find hundreds of thousands of options. Many companies decide to create an app to reach a new customer base and to offer services that are more comprehensive.

In certain fields, creating a smart phone app can turn out to be a considerable added value for the company. In some cases, the app will serve as a main interface to create interactions with the clients and to generate sales and/or profit. For instance, think of online gaming companies such as Zynga or Gameloft. Other practical services such as airline price tracker Hopper are purely based on their app and do not exist under other forms.

However, creating an app is not always necessary and can even be a loss of time and money. In order to determine whether this is an interesting option in your case, you have to study your target audience, their needs and their habits. If your customer base is young and tech-savvy, they will be more likely to use their phone to obtain services and make purchases.

On the other hand, people stemming from different sections of the population that are resistant to technology will not be reached through the use of an app. Therefore, a market study should be conducted before going forward with a mobile app project.

Mobile app for Android or iPhone: which one should come first?

In the past, there was no question. The “app store” for iPhone was much more developed and Apple dominated the world of smart phones with its iOS system. However, the situation has since changed and a growing number of people are now choosing phones operating with an Android system. Therefore, it is relevant to ask which one should be first.

Indeed, each system is very different from the other and the code that is used to create the app cannot be transferred to the other. Since developing an app can be very expensive, the choice must be made based on the study of several factors.

There is no clear-cut answer to this question, as it all depends on the type of person you are trying to reach. Statistically, Android users come from low or middle-income backgrounds, whereas iOS users are richer and more educated. Moreover, factors related to speed and the complexity of the functions can also come into play.

It should also be noted that although Android is experiencing rapid growth on the smart phone market, Apple tablets are still more popular. For an app that would be used on tablets and mobile phones, an iOS system should be preferred.

A few tips on mobile app design

Even though the app development process will be completed by specialists, you can still intervene with regards to the design and the functions. To get a better idea of what you are looking for, do not hesitate to create a list of mobile apps that you have tested and enjoyed.

The app’s design should be thought out to ensure that it is easy to use. A person that knows little about technology should be able to navigate through the different functions included in the app. It is important to avoid creating a labyrinth where people will get lost, affecting your goals.

The app’s key functions should be made to stand out, whether it be with colour, graphic design or a choice emplacement. Of course, a graphic design specialist will be able to give you advice on this subject. In most cases, a design that is clean and streamlined will be recommended. 

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