B2BQuotes affiliate program

Earn money in exchange for your referrals! Here is everything you need to know about the B2BQuotes.com affiliate program:

How does the B2BQuotes.com affiliate program work?

  • Have you gotten a request for a project that you are not able to complete yourself?
  • From now on, instead of saying no to the person, you can refer the project to us and if we activate it, we will pay you!
  • We have a network of more than 900 service providers offering different web marketing services, website creation, content creation, design and branding, IT, translation and more, we will find someone to complete the project!
  • You can send us the referral by completing the form below. The process is efficient, fast and transparent.
  • You will be kept informed in real time to know if the project you have referred has been activated, if it is still pending or if it has been cancelled (eg: if the project will only take place in 1 year).
  • We validate the project within 24 to 48 hours of receiving it.

In less than 2 minutes, you could make tens, even hundreds of dollars.

Everyone can be a part of the B2BQuotes.com affiliate program, whether or not you are a service provider working in the field of web marketing.

Does the contract have to be signed by a B2BQuotes.com service provider for me to get paid?

We pay whether or not the project is entrusted to one of our service providers. Therefore, even if none of our suppliers sign a contract, you will still get the money! The one condition is that the project is activated on the platform. We follow the normal activation process to make sure the project is real and interesting for our suppliers. Once activated, you will be paid.

How much money do you pay for the referrals?

  • We pay between $10 and $1000 per referral. The amount represents approximately 1% of the project’s value (as of the moment of activation).
  • This amount can be paid by cheque, on PayPal, by bank transfer, or it can be transformed into a credit on B2BQuotes.com (if you are a service provider).  

An example of a success story for the affiliate program:

During the first week of implementation of the program, a partner sent us 5 referrals by email. In less than 48 hours, and following a process that took him less than 15 minutes, he made $600. He found the system very efficient and now knows he will never tell people he cannot help them find service providers for their web projects!

ANY QUESTIONS? Contact us by phone at 1 844 410-1112 or by email at pro@b2bquotes.com


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